Showing Your Worst Side: Around the World Ep. 3

(Transcribed Text)


Dave here in Scotland. I’m in an oil seed rip field and it’s for cattle. It’s all over the place in Brechin where we’re staying.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that we left a bag at the airport in San Antonio…the one with our Garmin in it. I love the Garmin. So we had to rent a Tom Tom. I’d heard they make good stuff, but the one we got was a piece of junk! You can’t even adjust the volume. Imagine if I had never used one before. You think I’d go home and buy a Tom Tom?

I also rented a Renault about a month ago in Mexico. It was 0 to 60 in…25.5 seconds. I had to be their base model car, but anyone who rents one of those will never buy one.

Why put your worst foot forward? Why not just make crap? So all you have is “excellent.” And then you’ll sell more. Or, if you do sell crap, don’t put it out first, or people will never ever buy your stuff again. So Tom Tom, Renault, and anyone else who happens to have a business—think about that.