Spend Lots of Money

They say that repetition is the mother of all learning. It’s true, repetition IS the mother of all learning. Hey, someone send that one to the Department of Redundancy Department. Hopefully, if you’re one of those people who still doesn’t get it, the following will help it sink in.

Cheap convertible top not of leather

The Story:

I used to be a waiter. Loved that job, but that’s irrelevant. When I started, they told me that I needed to wear a white shirt, black pants and black shoes. So out went a broke college student, shopping.

So, the shoe salesman asked me, “How much money are you looking to spend?” I told him $50 and, in no time, had a number of $50 size 14 shoes laying at my feet. After being disappointed by all of them, the salesman said, “I’d have you try on those $90 sh(more…)